Hiking adventures in the Faroes

Randonnées aux Iles Feroé

Senderismo en Las Islas Féroe

Wanderabenteuer auf den Färöern

Vandreeventyr på Færøerne

Gonguupplivingar í Føroyum

2020 Summer / L'été / El verano / Sommer / Summar

(In French, Spanish, German, Danish and Faroese beneathe text in English)

(En français, espagnol, allemand, danois et féroïen sous le texte en anglais)

(En francés, español, alemán, danés y feroés debajo del texto en inglés)

(Auf Französisch, Spanisch, Deutsch, Dänisch und Färöisch, unter Text in Englisch)

(På fransk, spansk, tysk, dansk og færøsk under tekst på engelsk)

(Á fronskum, sponskum, týskum, donskum og føroyskum undir teksti á enskum)

Trekking adventure in the Faroes

In the middle of the ocean, midway between Scotland and Iceland, at latitude 62 ° N emerges a mountain archipelago of seventeen islands: the Faroe Islands (in Faroese Føroyar, "the Sheep Islands "). These magnificent islands out of time have remained inaccessible for a long time. they are a revelation for the few travelers who go there. Rain and sun, the light is exceptional, the fresh air, the powerful ocean, the innumerable puffins, the vertiginous cliffs, the very green grass, the sheep and the silky fog, the tiny and colorful fishing villages, the traditional wood boats in "Viking style", the friendly Faroese population. Nowhere else than on an island, such as Mykines one does feel as much the vastness of the ocean, its breathing and the curvature of the blue planet. Join us and discover the great natural beauty of the archipelago and its birds, the originality of its culture, the history, the language and the traditions of the Faroese in the permanent light of the northern summer!


Guide: Randi Meitil Randi Meitil has been guiding in the Faroes for 30 years, knows every corner and speaks 8 languages.


Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Danish and Blandinavish.


The dates of the scheduled trekking tours in 2020 are:

- Wednesday May 15th to Wednesday May 22nd

- Wednesday June 12th to Wednesday June 19th

- Wednesday July 10th to Wednesday July 17th

- Wednesday July 31th to Wednesday August 7th


Travelling to the Faroes and accommodation: The days have been chosen, so it is possible for travelers with Atlantic Airways from Edinburgh to arrive on the first day of the trekking tour without worrying about accommodation and go directly to the airport at the end of the trekking tour. The MS Noröna from Faroese Smyril Line provides ferry services between Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands and Seydisfjørður on the East coast of Iceland. The airline Atlantic Airways provides daily return flights with Europe (UK and Denmark) and several weekly return flights between Vágar and Reykjavík. The Scandinavian company SAS also provides daily flights to Vágar from Copenhagen with countless connections to airports around the world. Accommodation and meals in private homes are included from the afternoon on arrival day and breakfast on departure day. One evening will be left open for participants to visit a restaurant or cafeteria on their own.



Day 1: Arrival Welcome and dinner in Tórshavn.

Day 2: Mykines Boarding the Jósup, for the mysterious island of Mykines. We will hike on Mykineshólmur and see sheep and puffin fight over grass slopes. Colonies of gannets, vertiginous cliffs and lighthouse at the end of the world. Nowhere else than on an island, such as Mykines one does feel as much the vastness of the ocean, its breathing and the curvature of the blue planet. (trek 4-5 hours) Dinner and night in private home in Tórshavn

Day 3: Vágar. Trekking on Vágoy following the old postal route across the mountain from Bøur to Gásadal with the astonishing view over Tindhólmur, Drangarnir, Mykines and Múlafossur. Afterward up through the valley at Gásadalur to the beautiful and isolated lake Fjallavatn, the second biggest lake in the Faroes. (trek 5 hours) Dinner and night in private house in Tórshavn. Dinner and night in private house in Tórshavn.

Day 4: The Northern Islands On Viðoy will we hike up to the fourth highest mountain, Villingardalsfjall (841m), with an overwhelming view over all the six Northern Islands, Borðoy, Fugloy, Svínoy, Viðoy, Kunoy and Kallsoy. (the trek is about 3-4 hours) On our way back we will stop in Klaksvík, the second biggest town, an walk up to the mountain top Klakkur from where there is a beautiful overview over Kunoy, Kallsoy and Eysturoy. (trek 2 hours) Dinner and night in private house in Tórshavn.

Day 5: Saksun Lagoon - Tjørnuvík In the morning: Hike on the black sand of the Saksun lagoon to the open sea where we have lunch. In the afternoon we head back to the mountain following the old pass of antic cairns. Steep descent on the tiny village of Tjørnuvík, where there are tombs from the Viking age. Spectacular views of Sundini Sound, and the impressive reefs of Risin, "The Giant", and Kellingin, "The Witch". These two Icelandic trolls had the crazy idea of towing the Faroe Islands to Iceland. Fortunately and justly the first rays of the spring sun petrified them for eternity. (trek 6 hours) Dinner and night in private house in Tórshavn.

Day 6: Fyri Vestan Trail - Tórshavn We take the bus to Hundsárabotnur where we start for the beautiful hike of Fyri Vestan (4 hours), to the west of Streymoy Island among the mountains with an immense view on the Island of Vágar. An interesting route geologically because one can observe the "Streymoyarsyllin" - a great volcanic intrusion (a dike) that splits and crosses the whole landscape. Arrived at the village of Norðradalur we take the "afternoon" coffee with typical cakes in a farm. Arriving at Norðradalsskarð the bus picks us up to take us down to Tórshavn, "the Port of Thor". Night in private house in Tórshavn. Evening and dinner on your own in the charming capital of the Faroe Islands.

Day 7: Kirkjubøur - Tórshavn Today the cairn path will lead us to the hamlet of Kirkjubøur, former cultural and religious center of the Faroe Islands, pre-reform episcopal residence. Visit the ruins of the Sct. Magnus cathedral and the imposing medieval tarred and grass roofed timber farm, representative of the traditional Norse habitat. Magnificent view of the islands of Sandoy, Hestur and Koltur. Rest of the day on your own to enjoy all the charm of the small capital: Narrow streets and tiny tarred timber houses with multicolored doors and windows and grass roofs in the Tinganes district on the old fishing port of Tórshavn, the beautiful modern architecture that also uses traditional materials, local cafés, woolen shops and marine equipment. Dinner on your own in Tórshavn. Night in private home.

Day 8: Departure day



• Multi-lingual guide

• Travel by minibus and / or taxi

• Luggage transported by vehicle on the hiking days

• Boat crossings between islands

• Full board except one night in Tórshavn • Admission to the island of Mykines


Not included

• Transport to/from the Faroe Islands from Europe or Iceland, and the transport to Tórshavn the day of arrival .

• One dinner in Tórshavn, the capital

• Personal insurance for cancellation - first aid - repatriation

• Exchange rate fluctuations and CB exchange charges

• Personal insurance for cancellation, first aid, repatriation

• Exchange rate fluctuations and CB exchange charges


Tours and prices


Tour No. 1      May 15th 2020 to May 22nd 2020

1809 €/ 13,500 DKK


Tour No. 2      June 12th 2020 to June 19th 2020

1809 €/ 13,500 DKK


Tour No. 3      July 10th 2020 to July 17th 2020

1809 €/ 13,500 DKK


Tour No. 4      July 8th 2020 to July 15th 2020

1809 €/ 13,500 DKK


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