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The Seal Woman

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A visitor´s treat in Kalsoy: The Seal Woman and Kallurin.

Come and see the Seal Woman and learn the fascinating tale. And take your own photos of the northernmost lighthouse in the Faroes in astonishing surroundings.


Duration:  8 hours

Included: guide, lunch box, transport, ferry

Available in period: all year around

Pick up: at 7:45 at the bus terminal at the harbor of Tórshavn

Price: 750 DKK


On this tour we first drive from Tórshavn to Klaksvík, the fishery capital and the second biggest town in the Faroes where we take the ferry to Syðradal on Kallsoy.

Then we drive up to Mikladal to visit the Seal Woman, a statue by the shore of the village Mikladalur which represent the the seal woman who was forced to live with a human, but who all the time was longing to get back to live in the sea as a seal.

By the northern most village on the island, Trøllanes, we go off road and head for the light house. There is no path, but we are walking grass and stony surface.

The view by the lighthouse is absolute breathtaking. To the south you see the vertical side of the 537 m high mountain Borgarin. To the west you see Eysturoy and to the east you see the north side of Kunoy and Viðoy.



Length:  3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Children: Suitable for children to walk but it is very steep once you reach the lighthouse.




Price pr. person

July 23rd 2018

8 hours

750 DKK

July 9th 2018

8 hours

750 DKK

July 15th 2018

July 21st 2018

Aug. 22th 2018

Aug. 27th 2018

Sept. 12th 2018


8 hours

8 hours

8 hours

8 hours

8 hours


750 DKK

750 DKK

750 DKK

750 DKK

750 DKK


Minimum persons 4. The tour will be cancelled, if the number of participants is less than 4. 


It is also possible to buy special tours for groups of 10 persons or more. The price reduction is 10 per cent. Contact Faroe Trekking for available dates.